Abba’s Living Water is a group of Christians, living in southwest Ohio, and committed to bring clean, sustainable water and humanitarian services to needy people in Africa and beyond. Our board of directors consists of:

Philomina Ogban. Philomina (our president) founded Abba’s Living Water in 2004 as a ministry to her native Nigeria. Along with her husband Steve, Philomina led the beginning phases of the project, and continues to do so as president. She and Steve have 3 children and live in Cincinnati, OH where Philomina operates a catering and house cleaning business. Read her story here.

Wahab Ekunsumi. Wahab is a Nigerian native and small business owner in Cincinnati.  He serves as treasurer of ALW.

Ginny Gross.  Ginny is a Georgia native, who now lives with her husband in the Cincinnati area.  She serves as our secretary.

Kurt Strassner.  Kurt is a local pastor who longs to see men, women, and children praise the Lord both for the water that ALW can give, and all the more for the living waters of spiritual life that Jesus gives to all who believe in His name!