Imagine a whole day without anything to drink; or cooking your vegetables in muddy pond water; or having to walk 3-4 miles just to get that pond water…and carrying it home on your head! Not exactly what we’re used to. But across much of Africa, these hardships are the normal way of life.

Enter Abba’s Living Water. Our goal is to provide clean, potable, sustainable water and essential humanitarian services to villagers like those described above.

The primary way this happens is as we execute well-drilling projects in remote African villages. In 2005, we completed a 300 foot-deep bore hole in Ukpaja, Edo State, Nigeria. The water is pumped from the aquifer to the surface and accessed through public taps located at the center of the village. In 2007, we duplicated the Ukpaja success in Udapa, another village in Edo State. Now both villages have enough tap water to supply every man, woman, and child. We are currently digging a third bore hole in the village of Eguise, which we hope will be completed in 2013.