How do we do it? Well, it’s an interesting question since deep well-drilling (300+ feet) is usually done with heavy equipment and advanced technology…and since we are working in remote Africa where heavy equipment and advanced technology don’t grow on trees.

So how have we managed to dig two 300 foot deep bore holes in rural Africa? Easy answer: By hand! OK, we didn’t dig them by hand ourselves, but our contractors (a group of very brave and hard-working Nigerians) did so.

300 feet straight down with hands and shovels, passing the dirt up in buckets. It’s so deep that the digger has an oxygen line run to him to keep him breathing. For safety, the men also drop concrete rings in at intervals to keep the hole from collapsing. Once the aquifer is struck, piping is laid, a large pump is installed, faucets are erected on the surface, and there is great rejoicing.

At some point we’d like to get ahold of some of that elusive heavy equipment and advanced technology. Until then, however, water can’t wait. And neither can we.